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Systems coordinated for every facility

The reliable STEULER-Q7-System is used in a wide variety of different pool facilities. Besides hotel and wellness spas, we are also experts for thermal, brine, mineral and salt water pools – projects in which the aggressiveness of the water means that a long-term functioning of a pool can only be assured when the system used is flawless.

Our STEULER-Q7-System not only finds sensible use in new pools – particularly in refurbishments, retrofits and enhancements, our STEULER-Q7-System is particularly well-suited.

STEULER-KCH creates leakproof swimming pool facilities

A tested bromobutyl rubber sealing sheet that has proven itself in industrial uses forms the heart of our STEULER-Q7-System. Safety and security is written large early on in production and processing.

The electrically conductive epoxy resin trowel-applied substrate coating builds the foundation for the STEULER-Q7-Sealing System.

  • Bromobutyl rubber sheet film
  • high-voltage test device

After this artificial resin coating has hardened, it allows electrical testing for tightness of the rubber sheets using a high-voltage test device.

The film, consisting of a 2 mm thick bromobutyl rubber sheet, is then positively bonded to the substrate using a self-vulcanising adhesive. Trained installers apply the material in accordance with the rules of rubber lining technology.

Care and expert competency are required when adhering the rubber sheeting, but especially for such critical connections as components, steps and edging profiles.

To protect the rubber sheeting, and to serve as an adhesive bridge for the subsequent tiling work, a base of epoxy resin is trowel-applied after the sheeting is tested for tightness.

The top coat – creativity without limits

Material combinations and the selection of the visible surface decisively determine the effect the finished swimming pool facility will have.

The dominant materials in modern pools are ceramic in a wide variety of different sizes as well as ceramic and glass mosaics.

An extraordinary variety of design opportunities is attained through the combination of ceramics in systematically coordinated sizes and shapes with various accessory pieces, also through the use of new colour creations.